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DYOWA WhatsApp v96 Apk Latest Version Download [DWhatsApp]

DYOWA Latest Version Download

DYowa is a WhatsApp MOD tailored to give you a style and feel of WhatsApp on iPhone. It is molded based on Delta YoWhatsApp, but comes with some exciting features. Just like the MBWhatsApp Fouad iOS WhatsApp and BMWhatsApp, the Dyowa or DWhatsApp is one among the many few mod designed to give you an iPhone feel WhatsApp on your Android phone.

The app comes with a great feature that makes it stand out from the rest. One of such features, is having a built-in MP3 player. It has a large library of customization options as well as the ability to download themes and set colours and fonts for different elements of the application.

Another great feature of the Dyowa WhatsApp, is its privacy feature. It is regularly updated and comes with all the best features of the regular WhatsApp and more. Check out some of the latest features of the app below.

What’s New in Version 96?

  • [Added] Animated photo profile (homescreen – list row)
  • [Added] Translate status (3dots – translate)
  • [Added] Important message before changing accounts
  • [Added] New anti virus features
  • [Added] Hide unsaved number on home screen
  • [Fixed] Photo list row
  • [Fixed] Online dots
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in dYoWA WhatsApp

Version 95:

  • [Added] New home style
  • [Added] Media mods (Other mods – Media Mods)
  • [Added] Disable media compresses
  • [Added] Send hd video
  • [Added] Send video more than 100mb+
  • [Added] Send audio more than 100mb+
  • [Added] Show/hide bottom tab
  • [Added] New archived message style
  • [Added] Custom video player
  • [Added] Status sound autoplay
  • [Added] Send more 30 images at once
  • [Added] Send more 30 documents at once
  • [Fixed] Some error on homescreen
  • [Fixed] Some options error on settings
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in dYoWA WhatsApp

Version 94:

  • Added Home and chat snow animated (Home Screen – Snow Animated)
  • Added Snow intensity (Home Screen – Snow Animated)
  • Added Snow speed (Home Screen – Snow Animated)
  • Added Audio to voice note
  • Added Bring up many options with a tap of chat bubble (Edit chat, translate message and many more)
  • Added Lockscreen supports transparent mode
  • Added Chats tip now hidden by default
  • Added Click and long tap on name and date in chats row to show action dialog
  • Added New menu dialog styles (Home Screen – Dialog)
  • Added New more action dialog options (Home Screen – Dialog)
  • Added Enabled/Disabled quick reply (Conversation Screen > Conversation entry)
  • Added Enabled/Disabled Tap bubble (Conversation Screen > Bubble and ticks)
  • Added Preview Image/Video without saving to phone
  • Added Repost option for Story/Status
  • Added YoBackups now created .zip file
  • Added Select default “translate to” language in conversation screen ( Others mods > Plus). Less steps, Faster translation
  • Added Option to save after preview image/video (3-dot > save to gallery)
  • Added Fake admin tag (Privacy and security – Plus chat features)
  • Added Keep forwarf chat (Privacy and security – Plus chat features)
  • Enabled Create Polls and voting in groups
  • Improved Settings style
  • Fixed Switch on who blocked you
  • Fixed YoBackups now will stay even if whatsapp is uninstalled.
  • Fixed Crash in Message Scheduler page on some phones
  • Improved YoBackups now moved to Storage/Documents folder
  • Improved “Theme” from settings to avoid issues. Use Application themes in drawer or universal colors settings
  • Improved Anti-ban
  • Moved Translate Option Settings to > Others Mods > Settings

Version 93:

  • Added Neomorphism home style
  • Added Neomorph new settings style
  • Added New status menu dialog style
  • Added Dnd mode on list menu
  • Added New archived style on menu
  • Improved Minimalist ui
  • Fixed Stock home style
  • Fixed Custom title not working
  • Fixed Switch accounts
  • Fixed Bubble message text size
  • Fixed Bubble message text color
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Version 92:

  • Base Updated to Play Store
  • Added Quick reply
  • Added New minimalist mod settings
  • Added New fonts
  • Added Verified name
  • Added New call screen style
  • Added Custom call screen photo background (Conversation screen – emojis and call)
  • Added Change doodle wallpaper color (Conversation screen – emojis and call)
  • Added Change contact name color (Conversation screen – emojis and call)
  • Added Change contact name size (Conversation screen – emojis and call)
  • Added New 3 chat row styles (Home screen – list row)
  • Added New status menu
  • Added Cut video
  • Added Seen status
  • Added Option to Group Admin indicator turn on/off (YoMods > Conversation Screen)
  • Added Ability to share multiple images/videos/files at same time from chat to outside apps!
  • Added Filter unread messages using search
  • Added New drawing pen
  • Added Online privacy!
    You can choose who can see when you’re online. (Settings > Account > Privacy)
  • Added Leave groups secretly without all people knowing (only admins can see you left)
  • Added Admin can remove other people messages in group chats (only works when users on new base)
  • Added Ability to see past participants of groups (who left and when!)
  • Added Quick reactions to Status
  • Added New Text Status UI
  • Added New status privacy design UI
  • Improved Quick contact style
  • Improved Notifications on who blocked are disabled. you can activate it in settings
  • Improved Menu dialog
  • Improved Chats row style
  • Fixed Custom icons
  • Misc Improved Anti-ban
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Version 91:

  • [Added] New home style facebook profile
  • [Added] Change cover photo
  • [Added] Enable/disable cover moving
  • [Added] Show/hide cover photo
  • [Added] Show/hide archived message row
  • [Added] New Notepad
  • [Added] New 7 fonts
  • [Added] Custom double tab emoji for every chat (Chat – 3dots)
  • [Added] Show notification for blocked calls due to calls privacy
  • [Added] Admin indicator in groups
  • [Added] Forward status to make it your status
  • [Added] New row dividers style
  • [Improved] “Who can call me” settings. Deny options now auto disabled when set to “everyone”
  • [Improved] Searchview
  • [Improved] Settings Translation
  • [Fixed] Toast view status
  • [Misc] Anti banned
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements in dYoWA WhatsApp

How to Install or Update

To install dYowa on your phone, simply follow the steps below.

  • Start by making a backup by going to (Settings > Chats > Backup and click on “Save”.)
  • Uninstall the WhatsApp or modification installed
  • Activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”. Go to Phone Settings > Security.
  • Download APK
  • Click on APK and verify number and give permission.
  • When the installation is finished, click on NEVER when the app asks for the backup frequency on Google Drive.

Where To Download DYOWA [DWhatsApp]

You can get the latest version of the Dyowa WhatsApp from the download link below.


App Info

  • Application Name: DYOWA WhatsApp
  • App Version: 96
  • Android Requirement: Android 4+ and Above
  • App Size: 71.52MB
  • Developer: Dodi Hidayat

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