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Instander APK v16 Mod Latest Version Download

Instander MOD APK

Instander APK is a mod version of Instagram app, but with access to hidden features that are not accessible on the official app. The app is developed by TheDise, and we are bringing you the latest updated version. If you are looking for the best Instagram mod around, then I think this should be the one.

The app was designed for users to have access to some of the cool and amazing features available on the platform. Some of the cool features you can access include, Hiding DM Seen Tick, Downloader, Watch Stories of Others Without Letting them know, Full-Size DP Viewer & Much More. Instagram MOD APK is free and safe to use and does not contain ads.

Features of Instander

  1. Hide View Stories: The app allows you to view other peoples stories without them knowing about it.
  2. View Instagram DP at Full Size: You can view a follower DP by simply holding on his or her Instagram DP and it will show up in Full Size.
  3. Download Video: This version of Instagram makes it easy for you to download any video.
  4. Download Photo: You can download images or pictures from Instagram, with just a simple click.
  5. Direct: This option allows you to read a sender’s message, without them knowing.
  6. Disable Ads: This version of the app also allows you to remove ads if you want.
  7. Video AutoPlay: You have the option to disable or enable autoplay of videos.

What’s new in Version 16?

  • Migration to Instagram version
  • Added Monet color scheme support for Android 12+;
  • Added Animated Splash for Android 12+;
  • Added Themed Icon for Android 13+;
  • Added In-App Lock (Beta);
  • Added 60 second stories;
  • Added Developer Mode decoder (MobileConfig);
  • Added new Instander Sans font (Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, Persians support);
  • Added download button to the three dots menu;
  • Added hide “Download feed button”;
  • Added selective biography in profile;
  • Redesigned Instander menu.;
  • Redesigned all dialogs;
  • Redesigned of all toast messages.;
  • Fixed Auto OTA feature. Now the progress dialog is not displayed when you open the application;
  • Added Spanish language
  • Reorganization of almost all my code.

Version 15.4:

  • Due to the blocking restrictions of some payment systems, they were removed from the list of donations.

Version 15.3:

  • Fixed random crash on Samsung with One UI 4;
  • Fixed crash Mark as read on some phones;
  • Rebuild application using the latest tools.

Version 15.1:

  • Added IGTV download item;
  • Added Mark as Read;
  • Added quick turn on “Don’t mark Direct as read” (long press direct button);
  • Added turn off auto-flipping storis;
  • Added backups of Instander settings;
  • Added Instander menu (download, preview, direct link to post);
  • Fixed avatar zoom;
  • Fixed account type change;
  • Ads switch fixed.

Version 15.0:

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Removed PayPal
  • Added Link sticker;
  • Added Add yours sticker;
  • “Video scrubber” is forced on;
  • Remove “Video scrubber” option;
  • Temporarily not added “Mark as read” in direct
  • Temporarily not added download IGTV
  • Attention ads in “Old posts” is present.

Version 12.1:

  • Fixed downloading media on some devices;
  • Changed the default download path to /Pictures/Instander;
  • Added Ethereum to donate;
  • Added OTA сhangelog on Russian (Available from Instander 12.1 and higher).

Version 12.0:

  • Rebase to Instagram;
  • Remade Improve Photo quality (t.me/thedise/1484);
  • Added Download IGTV;
  • Added Social Networks Menu (Official page Instander on Telegram, Instagram and Subreddit);
  • Removed Splunk MINT Crashlytics;
  • Fixed last font: ad, ag, ah & etc symbols;
  • Fixed non-coloring when changing theme or on global black theme (MIUI, FlymeOS and similar)
  • Fixed Threads on profile;
  • Fixed Pronounce on profile;
  • Fixed application crash when trying to complain.

Where To Download Instander Apk Latest Version

You can download the latest version of the app from the links below.


Instander APK Info

App Name: Instander
Version: 16
Android Version: Requires 4.1+
File Type: Mod APK
File Size: 53MB
Developer: TheDise

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