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Fouad iOS WhatsApp v9.05 APK Latest Download [MBMods]


Fouad iOS is a great mod version of the WhatsApp that gives you the look and feel of using the app on an IOS device. What this means, is that this version of the app comes with IOS like interface, making your android device feels and look like an iOS device. This mod is developed by stefanoYG, but was coined from the popular Fouad WhatsApp. While being a clone app, it comes with its own features.

The app is similar to the likes of the BM WhatsApp and RAWhatsApp, but comes with tons of features. This version of WhatsApp also offers a range of different themes to choose from. Some of the new features of the Fouad iOS WhatsApp include options to enable disappear messages, option to change the color of the Dot Online and many more. The latest version of the app comes with improvements and bug fixes to make your WhatsApping experience a memorable one.

Fouad iOS WhatsApp Major Features

  • Privacy and Security: This includes all your chat with reliable, fully featured privacy. Example: app / chat lock, freeze last seen, disable forwarding, who can call me, hide view friend status, Anti-delete status, Anti-delete message, show blue check after replying and privacy group, transmission and contact.
  • FMThemes – allows you to change themes, download, save, restart, restore, delete, and you can also import themes in the xml format. Chat Backup: You must backup your chat history data before you start using the app. (Restoring the chat is not valid if you have previously used the Clone version of WhatsApp Mod.
  • General Settings: Includes all color customization settings, new display styles (iOS, Android O, Facebook, One UI), writing style, and launcher icons.
  • Languages: Indonesian, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Malay and many more.
  • HD Image Sharing – You will receive and send high-quality images.
  • Conversation Cards – You will find chats in the form of cards that can easily be changed to the latest. (Android 5.0+ higher.
  • Home screen: You can adjust the appearance of the top header, the line, the floating action buttons, the status, the angle of the photo (max 100r) and hide the chat divider.
  • UI style navigation – You can find it under Fouad Mods> Home Screen> Header.
  • Bottom bar style: displays a style with a screen like the iOS customization located below the mobile screen navigation. You can choose with iOS, Bubble or basic style.
  • Activate the Instagram Story style: You will see a status screen / contact stories of other users appear in the top bar. This feature can be disabled at any time.
  • Separate chats / groups: if you enable this feature, the status page will be replaced by group chats and “stories like Instagram” will be forced.
  • Dark / Bright Light Mode: allows you to adjust the dark mode display so that it is easily illuminated. Vice versa.
  • Show airplane mode: operation allows you to stop receiving all messages from anyone.

Important Features

  • Home WhatsApp for iPhone style
  • Thousands of themes available for download from the same application.
  • State privacy and possibility to write up to 250 characters.
  • Emojis changer.
  • Up to 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  • Notification hiding.
  • Sending of files up to 50MB.
  • Video sending limit up to 700MB.
  • Sending photos without loss of quality, as they can not be compressed.
  • Protection of individual chats by password, pin or pattern.
  • Hide connection status from our contacts.
  • Privacy options (any you can think of).
  • Font editing by size, colour and type.
  • Use of filters when sending photos or videos.
  • Stickers available.
  • And more

What’s New?

Current Version 9.05

  • [Added] New Font iOS Rounded
  • [Fixed] The error when applying a theme.
  • [Fixed] Bug when resetting preferences.
  • [Fixed] Bug when changing header style within conversation.
  • [Fixed] Bug when changing font in a text status.
  • [Fixed] Bug when changing row style in chat list.
  • [Fixed] Other minor fixes in Fouad iOS WhatsApp

Version 9.0

  • [Base] Fouad 9.05 –
  • [Added] New Emojis
  • [Added] Emojis iOS by default.
  • [Added] Fast Scroll in the conversation list
  • [Added] Sending a single emoji will increase its size.
  • [Added] Added an option to increase the size of stickers (MB Preferences/Others Settings/Sticker Sizer)
  • [Added] Added an option to change the style of the animated heart (MB Preferences/Others Settings/Large Emoji Style).
  • [Added] Added an option to pause voice notes, and be able to listen to it before sending it.
  • [Added] Archived chat screen has been redesigned
  • [Added] WhatsApp Web or Linked Devices screen has been redesigned.
  • [Added] Now you can link up to 4 devices without having a connection on your device.
  • [Added] Added a lock screen for WhatsApp Web (This way you will prevent other people from linking your WhatsApp without your permission).
  • [Added] Download for View Once images/video
  • [Added] View All Messages sent by contact in group (click on name)
  • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
  • [Fixed] Some bugs fixed in MBWhatsApp

Version 8.96:

  • [Extended] Expiration time increased (Until version 9.0 is released)
  • [Added] Send video and images in high quality (also when publishing a status)
  • [Added] New style for sticker confirmation
  • [Re-Added] Option to put an image as background on the main screen
  • [Added] Show the same main screen background within the conversation
  • [Added] Blur Tab
  • [Added] Option to change the intensity of the Blur effect
  • [Added] Option to change the background color of the blur effect
  • [Redesigned] Some icons have been replaced
  • [Improved] Some translations have been updated
  • [Fixed] Probably some bugs with the input have been fixed on some devices
  • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements in Fouad iOS WhatsApp

Version 8.95F:

  • [Updated] Some translations for some languages
  • [Fixed] Fixed all issues with stickers
  • [Fixed] Fixed Message notifications
  • [Fixed] It is now possible to choose the other heading styles in the conversation
  • [Fixed] Fixed sticker icon in text input (not tested)
  • [Fixed] Some fixes in the interface
  • [Fixed] Other minor fixes in Fouad iOS WhatsApp

Version 8.89.3:

  • [Fixed] The signature that marked the application as Virus has been fixed.
  • [Fixed] All settings have been fixed.

Version 8.89.2:

  • New: Option to change the sound of sending and receiving messages
  • Added: Hide SearchBar
  • Added: Hide “New Group/Broadcast Lists”
  • The design of some dialogs has been improved.
  • Some functions have been removed for causing problems on some devices, it will be added again in the next updates.
  • Fixed: The error when saving the screenshot has been fixed
  • Fixed: Splitter Video
  • Fixed: Fixed icons not showing when making a call.
  • Other things that I forgot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements

Version 8.89.1:

  • Fixed Crash Status/Profile toast
  • Fixed Contact info
  • Fixed other small bugs.
  • Fixed Black Screen in com.whatsapp

Version 8.89:

  • Base:
  • New: Plugin for Voice Speed (use it if you want)
  • Added: New option for Tabs manager, Hide titles and show only icons (Beta)
  • Added: Auto Reply Message
  • Added: Scheduler Message
  • Added: Option to capture and save a screenshot
  • Added: New floating window to access quick settings (auto replay, screenshot, etc)
  • New redesign in profile information and settings
  • Added: Option to hide the floating button within the conversation
  • Some translations have been updated (Spanish, Brazil, Indonesian)
  • Fixed: Toast Background and text Color (Status/Profile Toast)
  • Fixed: The shopping cart icon has been moved to the action menu
  • Fixed: Fonts that were not compatible with font styles.
  • Fixed: The color of the name in the conversation header
  • Other things that I forgot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements
  • More features and improvements!

Where To Download the Latest Version Of Fouad iOS WhatsApp

You can get the latest version of the Fouad iOS WhatsApp from the download link below.

App Info

  • Application Name: Fouad iOS WhatsApp
  • App Version: 9.05
  • Android Requirement: Android 4+ and Above
  • App Size: 63.89MB
  • Developer: stefanoYG

How Install Fouad iOS?

  • If you want to install Fouad iOS for the first time on your Android device, then you must follow the following steps to achieve a perfect installation:
  • Make a backup of our chats (Settings> Chats> Backup and click on “Save”). Uninstall the WhatsApp or Modifications that you have installed in the number where you want to install Fouad iOS . Activate, if you have not already activated it, the option “Install from Unknown Sources” or “Unknown Sources”, depends on your device. To do this, go to Phone Settings> Security.
  • Download the package or APK you want to install (below are the download links) Click on the download package or APK and on the first screen click on ACCEPT and CONTINUE. NOTE: If Play Protect detects you, do not be alarmed, it is because of the Personalized Signature, just click »INSTALL ANYWAY» Follow the steps in the normal way, such as verifying number, entering nickname At the end, when it asks you how often you want to save backups to Google Drive, press NEVER.
  • Ready, you already have Fouad iOS installed!.
  • If you are going to update Fouad iOS then the steps are much simpler. Simply download the same package that you have installed on your Android device, and click on it to install it, you will not need to verify the number or other typical things of the installation.

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